GRAPHINK™ CL Clear Binder – Graphene Infused 3D Printer Binder! – 1 Gallon

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GRAPHINK – Graphene infused Clear Binder



     VisiJet PXL ZB63 has met its match. Noble 3D™ Printers emerges as the market leader in 3DP powder bed consumables. Our new flagship line of Graphink™ binders feature Graphene-Infused™, Interlock™ technology, and our True Spectrum Color Technology™, with added UV protection against color fading.

   Our Graphink CL Clear binder has undergone rigorous testing and certification, for approved use in 3D Systems ProJet® CJP 860Pro, ProJet CJP 660Pro, ProJet CJP 460Plus, ProJet CJP 360, ProJet CJP 260C printers and Zcorp Zprinters Z400, Z402, Z402C, Z406, Z810, Spectrum Z510, ZPRINTER Z310 PLUS, Z310, Z850, Z650, Z450, Z350, Z150 and Z250 printers, using Canon B-21 print heads, (both color and black), Hewlett Packard HP10, HP57, and HP11 print heads.  

     Tests conclude our Graphink CL Clear binder performs superior to 3D Systems VisiJet PXL ZB63 clear binders, and Disruptive 3D™ clear binders. Graphink CL Clear binder out performed the competition’s binders in every category of testing. Tests for certification and approval were conducted using 3D Systems OEM printers and components.
      Graphink CL Clear binder is color matched to 3D Systems VisiJet PXL ZB63 clear binder. Seamless color accuracy is realized, even when mixing Graphink™ CL Clear binder with 3D Systems VisiJet PXL ZB63 clear and color binders. Increased print head life up to 177% can be expected, further reducing operating costs, while increasing profits. 

     Increase your return on investment. Compare our Graphink CL Clear binder price, quality and performance to 3D Systems VisiJet PXL ZB63, or any competitors products. We are confident you will agree that one fact becomes apparent. Graphink CL binder has no competition.

This video shows our new and improved, stronger formulated Composite and Binder The Eiffel Tower is being built in sections. In this we see the top 3 sections, (note these prints have only been de-powdered.  Oven drying nor infiltrating has been processed. We will oven dry for 90 minutes, infiltrate with a solution of Magnesium Sulfate, (Epson Salt), and then submerge in paraffin wax for 11 seconds).
Here are is a photo gallery of models 3D printed with our products.
The Noble 3D Printers GRAPHINK™ CL Clear, advanced binder offers numerous capabilities to meet a variety of commercial applications. Leverage our innovative technologies to build strong, high-definition, full color concept models, assemblies and prototypes, for advanced communication, design realization, as well as development, and  production cost reduction. 
Printed models benefit Energy, Transportation, Healthcare, Education, Consumer Products, Recreation, and other vertical markets. 
Parts printed with our composite materials are engineered so that numerous post printing processes can be achieved, such as sanding, drilling, tapping, painting and electroplating, which further expands the options available for finished part characteristics. Additionally, models have high-temperature resistance, ideal for digital additive manufacturing and casting applications.
Most parts can be removed from the build chamber as soon as the drying cycle is completed, (1-2 hours). For best appearance, parts should be removed from the build chamber within 24 hours. If your 3D model has thin, fragile features, allow it to dry for another hour in the printer, or in a 104-140°F (40-60°C) convection oven for approximately two hours.
After your 3D model is dry and fine de-powdered, it can be infiltrated.
Parts can be sanded to improve the surface finish. Start with 100-grit paper and continue to 220-grit if a smoother finish is desired.
Parts printed with GRAPHINK™ CL Clear binder can be painted with most commonly available paints and coatings without additional processing. For the best surface finish, sand lightly, use a primer, and then apply paint.  
All orders are shipped with SDS information.
We encourage our customers to communicate any and all needs, inquiries or concerns with us. We excel in customer support and offer 24/7 toll free telephone technical support at 1-855-4-NOBLE-1 (1-855-466-2531) or email us at
Toll Free  1-855-4-NOBLE-1  ext. 2  (1-855-466-2531 ext. 2 )
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Weight 9 lbs
Dimensions 7 × 5 × 10 in

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