How To Refill VisiJet PXL ZB63 Binder Cartridges

VisiJet PXL ZB63 Binder Cartridge Refill Instructions:

When refilling the VisiJet PXL ZB63 binder cartridges from 3D Systems or Zcorp, you can mix our binders with the OEM’s, however we can not endorse the practice, as we can not provide technical support for, nor warranty, 3D Systems products.

Best refilling practices entail beginning the refill process with the lightest binder color Clear. Proceeded by Yellow, then Magenta, next Cyan, and last Black. If you refill your binders in that order, you will be less likely to contaminate the next color with the last color you just refilled.  You should always rinse the refill bottle and cap with clean water before changing to the next color.

Please familiarize your self with the refill procedure by reading the instructions below prior to refilling your cartridges.

If you purchased our Clear Binder or our Print Head Cleaner in the 3.8 Liter, (1 US Gallon), size container, please follow the refill instruction steps 1-8 below.
If you purchased a color kit or individual color binder, start at refill instruction step 5 below, skipping steps 1-4. 

Step 1
Although our products are non-hazardous, they may be irritating to your skin, so please wear the protective nitrile gloves we have provided you for your convenience.

Step 2
Remove the white plastic cap, (labeled “A” in the picture titled “Refill Kit-1” below), that is on the empty 16 oz squeezable refill bottle, (labeled “B” in picture titled “Refill Kit-1” below).

Picture of Refill Kit-1 components

 Secure a paper funnel, (labeled “C” in picture titled “Refill Kit-1” above), unto the 16 oz refill bottle, (“B”), by wrapping a piece of tape around the small end of the funnel and the mouth of the bottle. This frees up both hands to pour with. Place the refill bottle, with attached funnel, on a towel before filling to catch any spilled binder when pouring, (see picture titled “Refill Kit-2” below).

 Picture of refill kit components

Pour your clear binder or print head cleaner, (which ever one your refilling), into to the top of the paper funnel until the 16 oz refill bottle is almost full. Now remove the funnel and tape from the refill bottle and discard. Securely replace the cap on the gallon jug and store away in a cool dark place, out of reach from children and pets, until future use. (Do not store in the refrigerator or freezer!)

Securely screw on the pointed refill cap with the blue tip, (labeled “D” in the picture titled “Refill Kit-1” at the top of this page), on to the 16 oz refill bottle, (see picture below).

Picture of refill cap attached to refill botle


Using a gentle twisting motion, gently push the blue refill tip of the 16 oz bottle into the cartridge’s ball check valve, being careful not to push the blue tip in too far that it dents the outer metal ring of the ball check valve, as this can cause the cartridge to possibly leak, (see picture below).


Picture of refill tip inserted into binder cartridge

Gently squeeze the 16 oz refill bottle until no further squeezing is possible or until it is empty of Graphink. Now gently pull out the refill bottle with the blue refill tip, completely out of the binder cartridge to allow air to re-enter into the refill bottle to facilitate the completion of the refill process, e.g. if there is still binder remaining in the refill bottle and more needs to be added to the cartridge to fill it completely, first you must allow more air back into the refill bottle, so that the remaining binder can be squeezed out.

Repeat steps 6 and 7 until the cartridge is full. Insert your newly refilled binder cartridge into your printer and resume printing!


  • Our 3.8 Liter, (1 US Gallon), sized product of Clear Binder contains enough binder to refill the cartridge approx. 4 times.
  • Our 1 Liter, (33.81 FL OZ), color binder products contain approx. 3 refills per bottle.
  • Our 330 ml, (11.16 FL OZ), sized color binders contain approx. 1 refill per bottle.